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Workforce Development

"Today's learning is tomorrow's performance."

Workforce development is multi-faceted. Most companies have the  major components in place.  Many have sophisticated mission, purpose, and value statements, elaborate recognition programs, and structured supervisor and leadership development programs.  Most do a good job; some do a great job but few recognize that developing the 21st century workforce is much more complicated and requires a shift in perspective if the organization is to succeed.

To achieve and maintain a competitive advantage means a company must become
brilliant on the basics. 

Organizational Basics

All organizations face the same challenges
Senior Management  - (Strategic/Organizational Planning - External Focus) Organization/Shareholders
1.  Future Focus
     How do we increase our future market share?
2. Current Focus
      How do we maintain our current market share?
3. Operational Focus
     How do we execute Focus #1 and #2?

Mid-Level Management - (Strategic Thinking - Internal Focus)Departments/Divisions
1. Future Focus
    How /Where will we find our future leaders and workers?

2. Current Focus
     How do we execute the directives from Senior Management?
3. Operational Focus
     How do we increase performance and retain current workforce?

Operational Basics
Line-Level Supervisors - Specific Daily Operations (Strategic Learning -Customer Service and Team Performance Focus)
1. Future Focus
    Will I have enough people come to work tomorrow?
2. Current Focus
    Do I have enough people at work today to do the work?
3. Operational Focus
    You want me to do WHAT? How? When? Can you be more specific?

Strategic Planning directives are broadly outlined to mid-level managers to execute.  The mid-level managers think about ways to add specific details to the outline before passing the ideas to the line supervisors.  The line supervisors must add the job specific details, processes, communication, training, and measurements to ensure the directives are executed.  Line supervisors must LEARN what works or not using feedback from the workers and the customers. 

Only one problem:
Many line supervisors do not have the time, the skills, or the experienced and talented workers to effectively  execute the strategies.  Why?

Many companies do not view line workers as partners.  Companies seldom spend the time or provide the resources to develop this partnership.  Many companies simply do not know where to start or how to link the pieces.  This is organizational development from the ground up.  Little specific information is written on this topic
. Too few people have the skills, the knowledge, or the ability to design easy to use, easy to understand, and effective ways to help line supervisors get off the operational roller coaster and develop high performance teams.
The only difference between experienced and inexperienced workers is knowing how to troubleshoot daily operational problems. What are you doing to capture the troubleshooting knowledge and skills of your retiring baby boomers? 

Eating the Elephant in the Trenches: Organizational Development from the Ground UP! Ó is a field guide for line supervisors who want to learn how to create the G.W.E. (Great Work Environment), develop high performance teams, and capture the knowledge and skills of a retiring workforce.  Don't wait for the book, fast track your organization to developing the experienced workforce you need to participate in business at the speed of light. 

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