"Building a Customer Care Dynasty begins with creating the G.W.E. "

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Customer Service vs. Customer Care

"Good is the enemy of great."
  According to author Jim Collins, if we are content to be good, we can never be great. 
When it comes to customer service, neither good nor great will differentiate us from our competition. 
In order for a company to provide the type of customer service that will turn a buyer into a lifetime customer, we must move     beyond good or even great customer service.  We must move to "World Famous Customer Care©

What is World Famous Customer Care?
First, let's understand that no organization can provide World Famous Customer Care.  Only an individual employee providing World Class Customer Service© for every customer can do this.  Organizations can set standards, perform surveys, and provide customer service training programs.  But none of these work if the employee is not happy with his or her work environment.  

Remember the old adage "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"?  This holds true for how an employee treats a customer. If the employee is not happy with his work, he will not be the kind of person who provides World Class Customer Service.   However, a more positive adage might be  "Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care ." Taking care and valuing employees is the big difference between good customer service and World Class Customer Care.   Customer service is trained and is about the head. Customer Care is about the heart and happens because the employee feels so good  and is so proud of his work, he conveys this positive feeling to his customers.

If a company truly understands and values its greatest assets (workers), it will learn how to create the G.W.E©. Take care of the employees who take care of the customers and the customers will take care of the bottom line.  Simple, right?  It is easier than you think.

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"While consulting and training for Beau Rivage, I had the pleasure of working with Wanda and seeing the results of her efforts within the hotel division. Wanda is extremely organized, created terrific training materials for the front office, housekeeping and all the guest service departments for this 1,740 room four-diamond resort.  Her enthusiasm, effective training skills, and ability to tackle projects to successful completion made her a valuable asset in building and sustaining a strong guest service culture.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with Wanda again in the future." (July 16, 2012) Ann Norton, Owner, Norton Training and Consulting Services

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