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Job Analysis
As older workers retire, they leave with vast knowledge and experience of their respective areas of expertise. While the organization may be able to teach basic skills and knowledge, the experienced workers leave with the ability that separates the inexperienced worker from the experienced worker - the ability to troubleshoot daily operational problems..

A Job Analysis not only identifies the basic knowledge and skills gaps of a job but offers the opportunity to "download" the knowledge of the experienced worker. Using a variety of easy methods (and minimal interruptions of operations), the Job Analysis can be performed over a specific period of time.  Sustainability and accountability are included in the custom design and the results are higher performing employees in a shorter time. The program also offers opportunities to identify and utilize potential leaders of the organization.

The ROI directly benefits the company's bottom line by reducing errors, improving productivity, increasing employee (and customer) satisfaction and reducing turnover.

Employee Engagement Survey (EES)
he EES provides organizations with baseline information about employees professional needs (based on Gallup's 12 Questions), job needs, and provides positive suggestions and feedback to senior leadership.  Results can be used to determine future training needs, career planning, improved employee performance and customer service, and staffing needs.

The EES's goal is to provide a totally anonymous snapshot of the overall organization's opportunities and challenges from the employees perspective.  Employees like the EES privacy and are more willing to share their thoughts and suggestions.  

An Executive Summary is provided to senior leadership with recommendations for addressing the survey results.  

Principles of Performance Management 
Utilizes Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), operational teams, and line supervisors to create training and performance guides to improve department/inter-department communication and continuous process improvement.  Results include improved customer service, increased unit and individual performance, and moves new employees to experienced level in 90 days or less

Principles of Performance Management Workshops
   Total Operational Training and Performance System© 
        Train the Trainer
        Needs Analysis
        Task Analysis
        Work Flow Processes
        Effective Policies and Procedures
        Performance Focused Evaluations
        Operational Problem Solving
        Making Meetings Work
        S.M.A.R.T. Planning
        Department/Inter-department Process Improvement

        Operational Communications  
        Practical Performance Appraisals  

Principles of Performance Leadership Workshops

Coaching Skills©CMOE                                      2 Days    *Pre-workshop Survey   recommended       
Coaching Skills©                                               1 Day            
Coaching TIPS™                                                4 Hours
Coaching Skills Follow Up©                             4 - 8 weeks
(Workshop Text and Eight 40-minute meetings (Webinar, small groups, conference calls, or other means to further enhance learning) 
Coaching Skills for Effective Discipline©        1 Day
(Customized for each organizations disciplinary action process and  uses real world case studies)  
Managing Conflict (Wilson Learning)               1 Day*
   *Pre-workshop Survey
   (Customized for individual organizations needs)
Working Styles**                                                 1/2 Day
Delegating with Confidence**                            1/2 Day
Setting Goals for Success**                               1/2 Day
Creating an Empowering Environment**          
1/2 Day
   ** Wilson Learning System  
Essential Qualities of a Team Player***                1/2 Day  
    ***John C. Maxwell         

Principles of Performance Leadership
    *Customized Supervisor Training including the following workshops
        Qualities of a Leader

         Stress Management
        Goal Setting
        Safety Coaching
        Continuous Improvement Coaching
        Communication Skills
        Delegation Skills
        Leading Groups to Solutions
        Problem Solving
        Decision Making
        13 Fatal Errors Managers Make 

Customer Service Workshops

HUDDLE UPs!©                                                                 1 Day
*Pre-workshop Surve
(Daily Communication tool for delivering daily training topics to improve customer service, build teams, safety briefings, and just in time organizational information.

*Follow Up includes daily tracking templates, electronic delivery methods, and positive management support system

World Famous
Customer Care
©                                       1 Day*
*Pre-workshop Survey
(Customer service for internal and external customers using the MBTiI, The Art of Speedreading People, and the G.T.O. to create the great work environment that makes your customer service World Famous -uses theme from Pike Place Fish Market and FISH

*Follow Up - Eight weeks of daily activities to help participants and organization focus on Four Principles of the FISH! Philosophy.

World Class Customer Service© (Internal Customers)      1/2 Day

World Famous Customer Care© (External Customers )    1/2 Day 

Continuously being improved.

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