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Principles of Performance LeadershipÓ
"We manage processes, we lead people and 
                nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care."

The Principles of Performance Leadership provides a series of self-directed study guides to develop the formal and informal line level leadership.
Line supervisors become trainers and mentors for their employees.  This results in a quality work environment where partnerships are formed, people are engaged in their work, and performance is the focus. 

Principles of Performance Leadership is another facet of creating the G.W.E. (Great Work Environment) that results in the ongoing development of high performance teams.  A company needs high performance teams to provide the quality products and outstanding customer care needed to remain competitive in the fast paced world of business.

Each module of The Principles of Performance Leadership can be customized and linked to career progression through certificates of completion and performance evaluations.

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"Wanda has a unique ability to identify training gaps and deliver instruction to effectively build and enhance employee skills and deliver positive results." (May 30, 2012)
Mindy Beverin, Leadership Development Specialist, Hancock Bank

"Wanda is passionate about her work and that transcends over into her client/customer relationship. The first project I was involved with Wanda was learning new coaching techniques. It was good common sense taken in a new approach. I was amazed at how easily the techniques were applicable not only for me but for others as well at the seminar; this was shown true in the role playing and group discussions.  I still have the "Coaching Wheel" on my desk. I apply them each day as well as train my leads and supervisor on those same principles. 

Additionally, my HR manager hired Wanda to perform Employee Surveys.  We felt that bringing in an unbiased third party would reveal more factual data and Wanda was the person to hire for this task. She was very professional, very thorough with the data and results, and even made suggestions to assist us with some problem areas. We will be securing Wanda's services again in the very near future and I highly recommend her." (May 22, 2012) Kimberly Crawford, PHR, HR Generalist, PSL North America




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