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High Performance Teams

"High Performance Teams don't just happen - they are skillfully developed, nurtured, and maintained by using continuous communication and a focus on performance. "

The most important part to know about building a high performance team is you don't need a mandate from senior leadership. Any supervisor, regardless of position in the organization, can develop a team by returning to good, basic business and human relations principles.  

Like a jigsaw puzzle, there are many pieces that must fit together.  These pieces include:
 - Communication/Information (organizational,department, inter-department, team, individual, work groups -     written and verbal, formal and informal, HUDDLE UPs!)
 - New worker orientation and training
 - Career development and progression
 - Daily Operational Problem Solving Skills
 - Process mapping
 - Suggestion/idea process
 - Policies and Procedures (Red, Green, Yellow, Grey)
 - Coaching for Performance, Coaching for  Development, Coaching Skills for Effective Discipline©, Coaching for Teams
 - Coaching to Resolve Conflict
 - Performance Evaluations/Performance Management Systems

 - Recognition/Reward
 - Strategic Planning, Thinking and Learning Processes
 - Continuous Improvement Skills

Each organization and department will be slightly different but the goal is to be Brilliant on the Basics.  Everything else will naturally link  with minimal disruption to the operations and minimal supervisory oversight. 

The diverse workforce of the 21st century requires organizations to focus on operational performance and development through a totally different lense.  Future business leaders must come with high technical skills but more importantly, they will need the skill to hire, develop, and retain talented workers by creating strong teams and creating the G.W.E.© (Great Work Environment) where people want to stay, tell others about the team, and follow the leader.

"Wanda Freeland is an exceptionally gifted and talented organizational professional with the abilities to understand issues and translate them into effective and targeted strategic action.  She is an astute curriculum developer, able to train adults to retain information through interactive learning and applied work activities.  Wanda is able to use her wealth of knowledge and experience to "bump up" workforce performance.  Her already designed  products and customized approaches will effectively target a clients' cultural and organizational needs. (May 21, 2012) Nancie O'Neill, Director of Organizational Development and Training, Pinnacle Entertainment

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