S.M.A.R.T. Performance Solutions
Daily Operational Problem Solving

       "Daily Operational Problem Solving is one of the MOST important skills 
                               in the daily operations of any company."
The daily problems within a department or with other departments results in reduced productivity, frustration, low morale, turnover, and work stress.

By teaching supervisors and line workers HOW to recognize problems and giving them the necessary support and resources to turn problems into opportunities for improvement, the line operations become more efficient, customer service improves, and people become more committed to the organization.

Where do I start?
The first step is to ensure everyone knows what he/she is to do, have the necessary skills and knowledge, and feels his/her opinions count.
(Principles of Performance Leadership)

The next step is to implement a continuous improvement process  that will reward and/or recognize people for contributing their ideas and suggestions.

Finally, teach supervisors how to encourage each individual to learn more, be more, and do more through regular coaching  for performance and  development
(Coaching Skills) 

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“Wanda is a magnetic and talented leader. During her employment at Hancock, she developed and presented numerous leadership and professional development programs that catapulted the company growth. She is an excellent communicator with creative and practical ideas. She advises with extraordinary depth of experience and knowledge. Her passion is captivating and she inspires all who have the opportunity to work with her. Every single day, I use the tools she taught from coaching for performance to lunch and learn. She is at the top of my list of people who have forever changed me professionally and personally. It is my great pleasure to recommend her for your team.” (July 17, 2012) Leslie North, Senior Vice President - Appraisal Division Manager at Hancock Bank, Hancock Bank

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