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Creating the G.W.E. Ó
            "The search for the G.W.E. is the main reason people change jobs! 
                 It's not a workplace 
                     but a place where I have a purpose.
                          It is where I am valued and I belong. 
                               It is a place like no other!"

The Employee Expectation
The G.W.E.Ó (Great Work Environment) is a place where people feel valued and want to come to work.  A place where each person contributes his or her best.  A place with low turnover and World Famous Customer Care©.  A place where we all want to work.

The Reality
The reality is today's workforce has changed and so has the needs of the workers.  The 21st Century workforce is very diverse with four generations, dual working couples, single parents, and more opportunities.  Seldom do we see the cradle to grave worker. Workers want to be more engaged in the decisions about their jobs.  They want to be valued and their opinions count. They want a place where their immediate supervisor cares about them and they can be proud of the work they do and the team they work with everyday.

he Benefits of the G.W.E.Ó
The goal of every business is to make a profit. To do this, a company must have employees who consistently provide a quality product and World Famous Customer Care©.  World Famous Customer Care is often the difference between a loyal customer who tells others and a buyer who buys only once and never returns. The measurement is in the bottom line. Create the G.W.E. and the customers will take care of the bottom line.

How to create the G.W.E.Ó
Think of an organization as a huge 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. We know how it should look when we put it all together and many pieces MUST fit together immediately - such as the Leadership team, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, etc. However, for the operations side, the pieces never seem to get together.  This causes breakdown of communication, inadequate processes and the time to fix them, department and inter-department conflict and finger pointing, stressed management, low morale, and high turnover.

To create the G.W.E. requires organizations to teach line supervisors how to:
1. Effectively communicate performance expectations to individuals and teams.
(Coaching Skills)
2. Understand and practice the Principles of Performance LeadershipÓ.
3. Learn to develop High Performance Teams by using  HUDDLE UPs!Ó,  Daily Operational Problem    Solving Skills, and department/inter-department process improvement.

4. Build operational leaders using
mentorship and performance leadership skills.

5. Value and nurture positive relationships to encourage people to bring their "whole self" to work. 

Often organizations rely on training departments to "fix" employee performance problems. While training departments do a great job teaching leadership and management classes (and some operational skills), the daily operational training must focus on performance. This can only be accomplished by developing subject matter experts as performance analysts and leaders of continuous improvement.  By valuing and engaging line employees as partners, companies tap into their greatest information source for both internal and external customer satisfaction and service. 

The process for creating this culture requires the full support of senior leadership (and the needed resources), a change of perspective for training and development departments, and a process of open communication from the top down and the bottom up.

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