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Coaching Skills

             "Coaching and counseling are the most uncomfortable, avoided,                
                       and mishandled of all leadership responsibilities." 

                                          - Harry Levinson, Professor Harvard University
                                       and Director of the Levinson Institute

Coaching is one of the most avoided management tasks.  By using the 8 - Step Coaching Process and understanding the differences between Coaching for Development, Coaching for Performance, and Coaching for Counseling, every manager will have the skill to develop the Great Work Environment (G.W.E.) where people want to come to work and do their best everyday. 
The Coaching Skills workshop provides up to 35 opportunities for participants to practice, receive personalized feedback, and observe real life coaching scenarios.  Each exercise heightens the participant's skills and confidence to meet any operational challenge. 

The 8-Step Coaching Process (often called the Components of Effective Communication) is a flexible communication tool that can be used to improve individual performance, team productivity, resolve conflict, and effectively adapt to any personality or group performance needs. It has been used successfully by over 1000 companies such as Motorola, Johnson Controls, Hewlett Packard, US Government, Chevron and many others around the world. It works!

Return on Investment
The Coaching Skills workshop assesses each participants coaching strengths and areas to be improved.  Participants learn the 8 Step Process, apply the knowledge to their personal operational needs, and use a Coaching Planning Guide to create a back-on-the- job coaching session.  Human resources monitors the application of skills by using a series of measurements to determine the return
on investment.  

Follow Up Coaching Workshops and Resources
The Coach: Creating Partnerships for a Competitive Edge (Workshop Textbook) - this series of eight 40 minute webinars are designed for internal delivery via weekly or bi-weekly conference calls.  The program provides power points and study guides for the company trainers to present or may be outsourced. 

Coaching Skills for Effective Discipline© (1/2 day or 1 Day Workshop) - customized for each company's progressive discipline policies and processes and uses real life operational scenarios.

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More About The Coaching Workshop
The Coaching Skills Workshop is produced by the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE) and has provided organizations with world class performance solutions for over 40 years.  Check out their website at  


"Wanda is a highly experienced human resources professional.  I have contracted her to provide training to supervisors and managers at Chevron in coaching skills. Wanda's work for Chevron has been excellent, and her course is included in our structured leadership development process at the Pascagoula Refinery.(" November 13, 2012) 
Cathy Campbell, Area Team Leader, Operations and Maintenance Chevron Refinery Pascagoula, MS

"Wanda is a dynamic, enthusiastic professional in leadership development solutions who will have an immediate and positive impact to any individual or company wishing to boost workplace performance and productivity.  Wanda is very effective in her delivery and impact - likely because she lives on a daily basis the management principles and leadership techniques delivered in the workshops.

As a manager with Hancock Holding Company, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in a series of coaching skills and leadership development workshops in which Wanda was the presenter and moderator.  The management skills and techniques learned in these workshops were immediately applied to daily management and resolving workplace conflict, even to

the extent of "coaching up" in applying the principles learned to daily communicate with upper-management.  While I was fortunate to have benefited from Wanda's training in 2006, the opportunities to apply the learned skills and techniques and resulting benefits continue to mount as our company continues to grow and evolve.

Furthermore, the Leadership skills learned and applied are far more reaching than the workplace itself.  When applied consistently to daily living, I have experienced a positive impact in my working relationships as well as family and social relationships. There are few key leaders in my past to whom I am grateful for their positive impact(s) on my banking career - which have resulted in positive impact(s) on others entrusted to my leaders and supervisor.

I am and will be forever grateful to Wanda for her genuine concern, for her positive attitude and for these workshops.  I highly and strongly recommend SMART Performance Solutions and Wanda Freeland for any individual or company seeking to boost workplace performance and productivity to achieve continued growth and success.(May 29, 2012)
Henry Knue Manager Hancock Bank/Whitney Bank Small Business Centralized Underwriting

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